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La mer viens

From: Numb Angel <>
Date: Wed 29 Jan 2003 - 14:33:13 PST

OK, it took me a while (largely because I don't have access to this e-mail account from home) but I think I got the answer. -NA

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>Subject: Re: [POB] La mer viens
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>Subject: [POB] French language help, no POB at all, at all
> > Oh all-knowing and partially French-speaking list, can someone explain
> > why the line "la mer viens dedans" was referred to as a "bad French
> > joke?" I have the literal translation, but I don't speak French and I'd
> > like to get in on the joke...Thanks! -RD
> >
> >
> > If you have to explain it, it is not a joke, but here goes.
>Bad grammar
> If it is meant to mean "the rising tide" the French would read.
>"La marée montante"
>But if one hears it, without reading it, it could be:
>La mére viens dédans
>Which, with apologies to Molly Bloom, is a very different kind of tide
>rising inside Mommy.
> OH OH! oooooooooohhh !! Je viens! Merde! Mon Dieu! Je viens! Je

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