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New JBC Comp. CD on Rev Ola..Taking Track Requests!

From: William Blake <>
Date: Sun 02 Mar 2003 - 04:00:11 PST

ALERT!!!!! Hello all,

      I was just surfing the Creation "Doing it for the Kids" website
(link belowclick

 on the news link at bottom left once you get to the homepage) when I came
upon a most curious bit of news.....


...........It seems as though the newly re-vived "Revival" Label ~Rev Ola~ (from the
 defunkt Creation Records Label and run by the infamous and ever elusive "Joe Foster")
is now Sponsered by the very alive and kicking Cherry Red Label.

         It appears that next on the agenda are 4 different Compilation CD's (gasp!) for
4 Classic Bands from the Creation Records Label......

..........Biff Bang Pow, Slaughter Joe(Foster), Jasmine Minks and Yes Dear
JBC Gentlefolk and fellow co-horts(Drum Roll Please)........THE JAZZ BUTCHER ...........& HE IS NOW TAKING REQUESTS FOR SUGGESTED MATERIAL TO BE INCLUDED ON THE ALBUM......... .....I don't know if it will cover all of the JBC including Glass releases....but what the hell?
Why not give it a shot!?!

   Here is my List........

       CAROLINE WHEELER'S B-DAY PRESENT {Original} -( Marnie 7" B-Side)

       COWGIRL FEVER -(Marnie 12" B-Side)
       INSIDE YOUR HEART -(Another Spark 84' Comp. tape)
       CHINESE ENVOY -(A Nice Way To Turn 17  Mag.w/ 7")
       HEARTACHE FOLLOWING ME -(Affection 12" B-Side or 2nd A-Side or
       GROOVING IN THE BUSLANE -(12" or Bloody Nonsense Version)
       THE DEVIL IS MY FRIEND  -(The Human Jungle B-Side)
       SWEET JANE  -(Live in Hamburg 85 LP on REBEL Records)
       LEAVING IT UP TO YOU  -( Abstract Mag. 1985 LP Issue #5)
       IT HAS TO BE YOU -(Max Eider from Conspiracy LP-Canada)
       SPOOKY - (Superb Cover Version!...What the Hell!!...1 more
       ALMOST BROOKLYN -(New Invention 12" B-Side)
       WE LOVE YOU {554mix}  -(Groovy 12" Dance Stones Cover
Version....1 more time!)
       PRESIDENT GANG {Remix} -(Special Creation Fan Club CD)
       VODKA GIRLS -(Abus Dangereux CD Only ABUS 21)
         ........AND HERE'S OUR CHANCE to get all those Obscure tracks
finally on to CD!.........
So don't forget to go to


and click on the news link on the bottom left of the homepage (It's from 26th Feb 2003)........

......I Wonder if the 3 early TONIX tracks would be pushing it
(Strangers, Talk to Me, & Sex Junk)

......I Know that the Tonix Strangers 7" was on Cherry Red.......hmmmm

      ENJOY!!!            Long Live JBC 2003!!!!

                 William (Jimmy Duval) Blake
Received on Sun, 02 Mar 2003 04:00:11 -0800
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