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Re: New JBC Comp.

From: Gene Solomon <>
Date: Mon 03 Mar 2003 - 23:29:16 PST

About time, eh? What's it been since the last JBC comp -- 18 months?? Although with that track list, the only comp left to issue would be the box set....


From: William Blake <> Subject: New JBC Comp. CD on Rev Ola..Taking Track Requests!

    Here is my List........

        CAROLINE WHEELER'S B-DAY PRESENT {Original} -( Marnie 7" B-Side)

        COWGIRL FEVER -(Marnie 12" B-Side)
        INSIDE YOUR HEART -(Another Spark 84' Comp. tape)
        CHINESE ENVOY -(A Nice Way To Turn 17  Mag.w/ 7")
        HEARTACHE FOLLOWING ME -(Affection 12" B-Side or 2nd A-Side or
        GROOVING IN THE BUSLANE -(12" or Bloody Nonsense Version)
        THE DEVIL IS MY FRIEND  -(The Human Jungle B-Side)
        SWEET JANE  -(Live in Hamburg 85 LP on REBEL Records)
        LEAVING IT UP TO YOU  -( Abstract Mag. 1985 LP Issue #5)
        IT HAS TO BE YOU -(Max Eider from Conspiracy LP-Canada)
        SPOOKY - (Superb Cover Version!...What the Hell!!...1 more
        ALMOST BROOKLYN -(New Invention 12" B-Side)
        WE LOVE YOU {554mix}  -(Groovy 12" Dance Stones Cover
Version....1 more time!)
        PRESIDENT GANG {Remix} -(Special Creation Fan Club CD)
        VODKA GIRLS -(Abus Dangereux CD Only ABUS 21)

......I Wonder if the 3 early TONIX tracks would be pushing it
(Strangers, Talk to Me, & Sex Junk)
......I Know that the Tonix Strangers 7" was on Cherry Red.......hmmmm

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