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Re: New JBC Comp. CD on Rev Ola..Taking Track Requests!

From: tom zimmer <>
Date: Thu 06 Mar 2003 - 07:43:28 PST

This all goes back to my posting of a few weeks ago. Just what "rarities" have never seen the light of day on CD? Here's my take on it, using my own music collection AND the JBC Variations website. This of course doesn't include the "Hamburg" live album.  

Almost Brooklyn (4:34)
Angels (7" edit) (4:16)
Christmas With The Pygmies (?:??)
Cowgirl Fever (2:21)
Grooving In The Bus Lane (Original) (3:00) Hard (7" edit) (2:50)
Heartache Following Me (?:??)
It Has To Be You (4:48)
Leaving It Up To You (?:??)
Marnie (7" edit)(2:45)
Roadrunner (7" edit) (4:11)
The Devil Is My Friend (2:18)
The Human Jungle (7" edit) (3:46)
We Love You (One for the Band) (5:30)
We Love You (The Great Awakening) (6:40)  

And this one, which is on an impossible to find way out of print Creation compilation: We Love You (554 Mix) (6:10) Creation Compilation "Keeping the Faith"

Am I missing any? Have some of the above been issued on CD?  


> I was thinking the same thing... I would love having
> those rarities, but this seems like an effort to
> really pull the best tracks from those 4 artists...
> Maybe one could slyly recommend a "bonus disc" of
> collector's material to be tacked on though ;)

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