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Re: New JBC Comp. CD on Rev Ola..Taking Track Requests!

From: Knight H. Berman, Jr. <>
Date: Mon 10 Mar 2003 - 12:51:37 PST

I think Tom's talking about the really amazing, stripped-down version from 50,000 Glass Fans Can't Be Wrong (or whatever that record was called). Much less glossy than the one on "Kisser" and the sax solo is very understated and sexy....

  • Arik Florimonte <> wrote:
    > At 10:43 AM 3/6/2003 -0500, tom zimmer wrote:
    > >It Has To Be You (4:48)
    > >
    > >Am I missing any? Have some of the above been
    > issued on CD?
    > If you mean Max's song, it's on "Best Kisser..."
    > -Arik

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