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Re: [JBC] wilson website is launched.

From: Bill Maciejewski <>
Date: Wed 26 Mar 2003 - 11:47:33 PST

>Wilson (pat's latest musical project) has gone all official and stuff:
>content is mostly swiped from what's been on the JBC site, but some
>new tidbits are starting to trickle in. logo is courtesy mr coverly.
>Wilson've finished a studio demo and there will be MP3s available once
>they get to my inbox.

Awesome. I'm really looking forward to hearing something of Wilson. I really dig the crossover genres represented by Sumosonic and some of the more recent electronically influenced JBC stuff, and dub is great.
At one point I saw a web-ad that advertised a contest to "your dream gig" with transportation. I immediately thought "UK! Wilson!" but, alas, the fine print said "US only." Gahhh. Oh well.

On another note, has anyone ever had any luck in procuring any CDs by Wolfgang Tschegg (also wir, but not Wire's Wir, which I do have), sometimes mentioned in JBC connection? Sounds like he's got the whole electronic crossover thing going too. -bill

William Maciejewski             
       A3A - Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab : Heuristics Inc.: electronic music
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