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Re: Tribute set

From: <>
Date: Sun 04 May 2003 - 12:54:25 PDT

I've been trying to get a copy of the Tribute CD throught the Tribute website, but to no avail. Would anyone be willing to burn a copy for me? lise>>


I guess the list of branches are a bit out of date by now! Can you believe that project was started near the end of the year 2000? Ancient! However, still just as fun. I recently put my favorite tribute track on a special mix for someone.

I suppose the little tribute site that did hasn't aged well. The branch leaders probably want their names and emails removed by now. The Messege Board/Forum doesn't work. It looks like the link to Dave's artwork no longer works. It would be nice to do an overhaul on it. Maybe I can even put the artwork directly on the site. It is worth keeping because of its history, the neat track-by-track review by Pat and the back-story (ie; the Disclaimer and Q/A).

(Unless someone else wants to take it upon themselves to "archive"..........)

(Hint, hint...)

Hey, maybe it's time to start considering a Tribute Conspiracy Part Deux?

Happy Beltaine, Cinco de Mayo, et al~~~~

Jason. Received on Sun, 4 May 2003 15:54:25 EDT

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