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RE: The Chinese Envoy was here

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Wed 04 Jun 2003 - 08:51:38 PDT

On Wed, 4 Jun 2003, Massey, E Thomas [IBD] wrote:

> Anyone know the date of the Chinese Envoy recording?

November 24th, 1990:

> On a somewhat related, but mostly tangential, topic, when was the last
> concert where the JBC featured a horn, wind instrument or anything of
> the like on tour? I've only seen them twice (2000 Hoboken and 2001 SF)

probably 1990 when alex green (sax) was last in the US.

> and to my recollection there was none - which struck me as a limitation,
> esp. for some of the older material.

that's the thing i've noticed about pat's songwriting - the instrumentation really doesn't matter. the songs usually sound good whether on solo guitar, full band, or just humming it. i guess that makes him a decent songwriter.

-david (
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