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Keen Eddie

From: Bob Lyons <>
Date: Fri 13 Jun 2003 - 04:26:09 PDT

Has anyone seen Keen Eddie on FOX yet?
The show's pretty good. I've also noticed they've played Daniel Ash solo work in both episodes.

I wonder how we go about getting some JBC in there? Alexi Sayle, of The Young One's fame, plays an actor that is best known as a TV commercial dentist, so Death Dentist would work well in an episode.

But primarily he's a snitch for the NY cop in London.

What do you think would have been the perfect JBC song for when the "40-year-old slut that will do anything" went to jack off the horse but caused it to die when she showed it her boobies? Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present?

  • Bob
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