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OT: Portland, Oregon Soliciting New Band Member (Keys, guit, b. vox)

From: <>
Date: Wed 02 Jul 2003 - 01:04:14 PDT

Sorry about the off topic......... Maybe someone on this list and in Portland is interested, or knows someone. Yeah, we all know someone....

ISO Indie rock, garage pop, lo-fi....

21+ Keyboardist/2nd Guitarist/Backing Vox (Be the David J to my Daniel Ash) to fill out our live sound.  Boy or girl.  

Songs written, all original.  Indie-rock ala (and influenced by):  Elephant 6, Straitjacket Fits, Trash Can Sinatras, Red House Painters, JBC, BabyBird, Ultra Vivid Scene, Boy-era U2, Velvet Underground, Echo and the Bunnymen, Love
and Rockets, Mr. Lennon, etc.  Too many things we like, but we don't sound like any one of them.  Just a simple band who sound like our simple selves. 

Playing out in August, September and onwards between Portland and Seattle.  You should be available on Wednesday afternoons for rehearsal (3-6pm). 

Listen to sound samples at to get an idea.  Please do not respond if you have not listened to the songs first.  And even then, only respond if you like what you hear.  Amateurs and mediocre players (playahs!) are fine, so long as you have gear and have belief in us.  Respond via email


Email me at if interested............ Jason Received on Wed, 2 Jul 2003 04:04:14 EDT

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