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Re: Brief Notes

From: Amy E Myrbo <>
Date: Tue 15 Jul 2003 - 17:27:04 PDT

> US fans of the Fall contemplating seeing them:
> . . . sad to report Mark Smith was falling down trashed.

Saw them in Mpls a couple weeks back. MES not noticeably more slurry and shambling than in past outings, but I unfortunately and bafflingly did get falling-down trashed. One too many G&Ts. So my recall is abbreviated.

As for the band, they are indeed tight. They play the textbook versions of the tunes and MES goes all sloppy all over them. I'd prefer both parts of the band to be somewhere in between, but I takes what I gets, I guess. (I also didn't have to pay, so I can afford to be ambivalent.) Word is that the band rented all their instruments on this side of the Atlantic. Session types? Apparently New Young Wife on rudimentary keyboards, though, so she's worth seeing.

There's a faq that says the band models themselves (or maybe just MES) after Sisyphus: "He is still on the go, his effort unceasing. We must imagine him happy."

Sorry to go on about the Fall. I could never keep up with the Fallnet list. If I had anything new or pithy to say about the Jazz Butcher (other than "I wish I could afford to fly the band over to play my wedding"), I would insert it here. Hashish.


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