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Re: Brief Notes

From: dan bailey <>
Date: Tue 15 Jul 2003 - 21:15:49 PDT

amen, miles. i was at the same atlanta show (where as it happens i met miles) & feel compelled to note that (a) mes was probably no closer to falling-down trashed than, say, robert pollard at a typical gbv show, (b) the first of the 3 encores consisted of *2* songs (big new prinz & i am damo suzuki, (c) said first encore started mere moments after the set ended, so no one -- much less half the audience -- would've had a chance to leave even if they'd wanted to (unless you don't count prinz/damo as an encore, in which case there were *2* encores) & (c) tickets were $15 (though if ticketmaster charges are thrown in ... i paid at the door, myself).

or maybe there was a 2nd, secret atlanta show? that must be it.


>At 07:39 PM 7/15/2003 -0400, Philip Duris wrote:
> US fans of the Fall contemplating seeing them: I just saw them live here
in Atlanta at a sold out small club and sad to report Mark Smith was falling down trashed. They only played an hour. As soon as they left the stage half the audience just left, not even waiting for the encore. The faithful and the morbidly curious who stayed saw three encores of one song each, none worth the bother, as the band, feeling bad, apparently, kept dragging him back out. The band was very good, and Smith was into it for a few minutes at a time, but I wish I had saved my $20.
>I've found this note, and the posted reviews of this show on the Fall News
page, to be utterly bizarre -- it's like RASHOMAN, everyone seems to have seen a different show. The wife and I drove from Nashville to see this show, and we had a great time and thought the Fall was spot-on, including MES.
>Of course, the U.S. jaunt only has a couple of dates left (in Texas), so a
little late to warn people off, now. Nevertheless, I'd say go see 'em -- certainly the tour reviews, even of the same show, are no guide to what you might think. :-)
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