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Confessions of a Jazz Butcher Fan

From: Mike Coplin <>
Date: Tue 02 Sep 2003 - 22:28:56 PDT

I know you are all still out there. Although each new message seems to cause 1 or 2 people to remove themselves from the list. Anywise, Listed here are some very guilty confessions that I needed to get off my chest:

NUMBER 1: The first time I heard the JBC was when I requested one of their songs on the radio. I had read a very nice write up in the "Trouser Press". Since I was a David J fan and liked the review of The Jazz Butcher I requested "Real Men". KXLU, the LA College station, put the vinyl on promptly and my virgin ears were no more. However, I enjoyed the review a lot more than I enjoyed the song.

NUMBER 2: I did take another stab at JBC when I purchased "Distressed Gentlefolk" used on Vinyl for $3.99. At the time, I passed up buying many rare JBC releases on Vinyl that were languishing at "Aaron's Records" in Los Angeles. I did not want to fork over the import price for a new record. Subsequently, of course, I've dished out double for used product.

NUMBER 3: Last time the JBC was in town. Pat played an acoustic set at the "Knitting Factory". My friends and I got horribly drunk. While my wife watched embarrassed as hell from across the room - we chatted it up with Pat and Max. We we're completely incoherent - slurring and gulping our drinks and sloshing in our seats when Pat and Max excused themselves. They were really swell and gave a good effort to have a conversation but my friends and I were complete assholes.

I hope someone may learn from this. I feel just awful about each of these items.

-Mike (Sly Wong and the Jets) Received on Tue, 02 Sep 2003 22:28:56 -0700

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