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RE: [Wilson] Pat Fish featured in comic strip

From: Tom Pacia <>
Date: Mon 22 Sep 2003 - 08:19:17 PDT

Well, I don't hear very well...(12 years fronting a band with a nearly deaf guitarist will do that to you)...but I can still hear a lot of high frequency 'jitter' in a lot of MP3's out there. Even at higher bit rates there's still just enough of that little wobble to annoy me...

I agree, it really does depend on the quality of the system you're listening on.
But, no matter how bad the quality is, if you can find a long-lost song rarity that's been out of print for years, then I can deal with a little high-end noise.

  • Tom

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I use downloading like that too. Sort of a try before you buy. There's really no other outlet available for experiencing music that's off the beaten path.

As for MP3 sound, from personal experience and from numerous comparison articles, I've found that at higher bitrates there's little difference from the source CD. A lot depends on how well you still hear and the quality of the system you're listening on. It also depends on which MP3 codec was used.


> all I will say is I download a lot, and if it's great I always buy, as
> sound like shite. but they(mp3's) serve very well to see if a work is good
> enough to purchase. I have grabbed many things via mp3 that I would NEVER
> have bought but they grew on me and seemed essential so I bought them.
> a few luckily I downloaded first... and wouldn't buy.
> As an artist myself, I personally hate the inferior mp3 compression scheme
> but it serves a purpose. and equalizes things, with them any artist stands
> chance at success and it only weeds out those capitalizing on their
> name/contract. The better music will reap the rewards, NOT the better
> contract.
> best,
> phil

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