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RE: "similar artists"

From: Andy Loynes <>
Date: Mon 22 Sep 2003 - 09:58:35 PDT

Hey! I have blethered like a drunken idiot (actually delete the 'like'. I was that drunken idiot) at both Mr Fish and Mr Experience and both were equally charming and patient. Does that count as a deep similarity? I guess more pertinently both also show an impressive talent for an amusing lyric. God knows how many years on from its release I still chuckle every time I hear 'A Different Bob' from the first CBJE LP.

Just picked up Dave Schneider's mail re Chuck's death. That's a real tragedy.

Andy Loynes

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From: Ed Carter [] Sent: 22 September 2003 16:47
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Subject: "similar artists"

on an unrelated note, I put my (legitimate, of course) copy of illuminate into the PC today and fired up windows media player - throwing caution to the winds, i've got the damn thing up and running so it checks the CD id against some database somewhere. probably keeping track of my listening habits at the same time.

anyway, the usual result: loads of cross sell and stuff you don't want to know...

but it's nice to see that the CD is
recognised and that he's got a biography.

and someone could make a very philosophical point about the fact that "collaborators" seem to outnumber "similar artists" by two- -one I guess, but I'm not going to.

but the one that really puzzled me was in the small list of "similar artists", amongst the usual blue aeroplanes and so on, was The Colorblind James Experience


Now, I've really only got two claims to
fame. One is repeatedly drinking too much and blethering nonsense at pat, who nods patiently, the other is coming across
Colorblind James busking on a street
corner at the Rochester Jam Festival
(or similar) once a long time ago. But
that's probably getting off topic.

Does anyone else consider there to
be deep similarities between the two that I'm somehow missing? Are we all on the
colorblind james list as well, but under different pseudonyms? Because I couldn't really file them together under any
single heading except, maybe, "ignored"



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