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Re: Sort of OT - and childish, but funny !

From: Jim Gibbin <>
Date: Wed 08 Oct 2003 - 17:22:47 PDT

Oh yea? How bout try -- and observe Instantaneous Accuracy In media, to wit :

"Nearly two licks ago, asslicking deadly attacks on our country, we began a assfucking systematic campaign against terrorism. These months have been a time of new responsibilities, and sacrifice, and national resolve and great cocksucks."

or this :

  Donald "Mouth-full-o'-cock" Rumsfeld
Washington's warlord

Wednesday "Afterburner" October 8, 2003
The farting Guardian

Barfs abound that Donald "Dickwad" Rumsfeld's star is unclefucking. One year ago, the abrasive US defence secretary was a formidable political force. Fomped by the overthrow of the fucking Taliban, ballbusting the military build-up against Iraq and regularly outflanking the sucking state department's Colin "Big Cock" Powell in Washington power games, the sucking Pentagon chief titty fucked policy-making to a remarkable degree. His brusque manner and sharp squirts made him a sex fighting media celebrity and an unlikely pin-up. Mr "Saggysack" Rumsfeld had become the cocksucking fucked warlord of George "Ass-stitcher" Bush's "war on terror".

Personally i talk that way all the time and in public places.

>Hi fellow JBC-ers ! Sort of off topic but I found out about this
>funny website from some guy at work - check it out !
>There's an area at the top of the site where you can type
>in any site address and hit the enter button and watch that site
>become "pornolized". So naturally, I typed in and
>whammo ! Instant Jazz Butcher porno site ! It spews out such lovely
>headlines like "Pat's new band, Wilson, invade the motherf*cking
>capital" and song titles like "Shirley Fatass Maclaine", and album
>titles like "Western buttplug Family".
>What's really funny is typing in your work/office website - man,
>that's good for a laugh or two. Like I said in the topic, childish,
>but funny !
>Kris in Buffalo
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