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JBC Free Lunches, Spiritualized & Road Trips!

From: darren Budd <>
Date: Sat 08 Nov 2003 - 20:16:07 PST

Hello All,

I was happy as always to see a new JBC release, especially since we'll be gettin a couple of unreleased tracks. However, when I took a look at the track list I couldn't help but say to myself: "Are you kidding me? I could come up with a better JBC Creation Years Compilation than that!" Which I think is a response most JBC Lovers may be genetically inclined towards. Regardless, here is my Free Lunch.

1   - Next Move Sideways
2   - Out Of Touch
3   - Susie
4   - The Good Ones
5   - Pineapple Tuesday
6   - Girl Go
7   - Sister Death
8   - Girls Say Yes
9   - Harlan
10 - Rosemary Davis World Of Sound
11 - Whaddya?
12 - Sixteen Years
13 - Cute Submarines

14 - Old Snakey
15 - Racheland

I'm kind of hoping some of you will think I'm out to lunch & post your own Compilation. As I finish this email I am getting very excited about seeing Spiritualized tomorrow night at The Commodore Ballroom, here in Vancouver, Canada. Reminds me of the last time I saw Pat & The Boys at The Commodore, a little over a decade ago. Just get to this side of the continent Pat & I'll road trip it down there. I'm sure there's many others who feel the same way. Warm Regards, Darren.

PS - Wilson Rocks! :)

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