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Re: JBC Free Lunches, Spiritualized & Road Trips!

From: Mike Coplin <>
Date: Sun 09 Nov 2003 - 13:54:29 PST

MY "THE BUTCHER'S FREE LUNCH" MODERN TYPE IDEA VERSION This would be an MP3 download or CD that would include every track ever recorded by the JBC on Creation. I would actually buy this if it was available. After all, I only have the WAX... I have borrowed a few MP3 versions from friends but I would pay to have them all in better quality bit rates etc...

I read that a recent 1 week sales of "CD SINGLES" that at retail the entire industry sold 175,000 and online MP3 version sales were 875,000. WOW! Take Note. Come to the future, we're waiting....


  1. Next Move Sideways
  2. Get It Wrong
  3. Swell
  4. The Best Way
  5. Bicycle Kid
  6. The Word I Was Looking For
  7. She's On Drugs
  8. Daycare Nation
  9. Mr. Odd
  10. Sister Death
  11. Harlan
  12. Rosemary Davis World of Sound
  13. Whaddya?
  14. Cute Submarines
  15. Lulu's Nightmare
  16. When Eno Sings
  17. Old Snakey

Overall, Cult of and Fishco are my faves. Not just from Creation but probably the whole ball of wax.

  • Mike
> I wondered about that as well. He was there for the making of Perfect
> Prescription. Which brings to mind that it must be pretty cool to be Pat
> Fish. He hasn't become a Superstar (yet, and I'm not sure he'd even want to.
> Imagine Pat Fish: Male Diva! ick). However he has gotten to hang out, and
> work with with some pretty cool people. He has traveled the world, and been
> appreciated by his fans. He also continues to get to do cool stuff. I was
> checking out Pat's Links, and under his great new band alert he talks about
> going to see The Warlocks, with his friend Sonic Boom who got on stage for a
> few numbers. That's pretty cool. Pat hasn't steered me wrong yet so I
> checked them out, & liked them so much I bought their album Pheonix this
> morning. Awesome. Well, in only 2-1/2 hours I will be at the in store
> acoustic set with Spiritualized. Called in sick today, had to be done. I'll
> be wearing a new black leather bomber jacket, with blue jeans, very short
> brown hair & ears that stick out a little more than I would like. Feel free
> to come on up & say hi Gregor. Warm Regards to all, Darren.
> PS - Wilson still Rocks!
>> From: "Gregor Young" <>
>> Wonder why Pat only seemed to work with Sonic Boom and not Jason Pierce?
>> Would've been a great mix. I'm in Vancouver too and looking forward to
>> taking my son to see Spiritualized do an in-store show at the Virgin Mega
>> tomorrow. Gotta show him there's life after White Stripes and Blink 182.
>> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: "darren Budd" <>

>>> Hello All,
>>> I was happy as always to see a new JBC release, especially since we'll
>> be

>>> gettin a couple of unreleased tracks. However, when I took a look at the
>>> track list I couldn't help but say to myself: "Are you kidding me? I
>> could

>>> come up with a better JBC Creation Years Compilation than that!" Which I
>>> think is a response most JBC Lovers may be genetically inclined towards.
>>> Regardless, here is my Free Lunch.
>>> 1 - Next Move Sideways
>>> 2 - Out Of Touch
>>> 3 - Susie
>>> 4 - The Good Ones
>>> 5 - Pineapple Tuesday
>>> 6 - Girl Go
>>> 7 - Sister Death
>>> 8 - Girls Say Yes
>>> 9 - Harlan
>>> 10 - Rosemary Davis World Of Sound
>>> 11 - Whaddya?
>>> 12 - Sixteen Years
>>> 13 - Cute Submarines
>>> 14 - Old Snakey
>>> 15 - Racheland
>>> I'm kind of hoping some of you will think I'm out to lunch & post your
>> own

>>> Compilation. As I finish this email I am getting very excited about
>> seeing

>>> Spiritualized tomorrow night at The Commodore Ballroom, here in
>> Vancouver,

>>> Canada. Reminds me of the last time I saw Pat & The Boys at The
>> Commodore,
>> a

>>> little over a decade ago. Just get to this side of the continent Pat &
>> I'll

>>> road trip it down there. I'm sure there's many others who feel the same
>> way.

>>> Warm Regards, Darren.
>>> PS - Wilson Rocks! :)
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