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JBC influences on me

From: Mark D <>
Date: Mon 10 Nov 2003 - 03:02:11 PST

Pat has turned me on to some really cool music too

British Sea Power (heard Pat mention them in an interview) The Song "A little Electricity" "Childhood Memories" is an awesome song.

Bill Drummond (The JBC did "King of Joy" on KCRW) I bought Bill Drummond The Man LP and it is a great piece of work

Slipstream - I received a tape from Pat a while back that had a few slipstream songs on the B-side.
"Hearing Voices" was one of them. I bought their
self-entitled CD "Slipstream" from Carrot Top Records. Let me first say that the drum sounds on this CD is fucking incredible. It features a X Spacemen 3 member Mark Refoy. There are several really great songs on this disk. "One Step Ahead" "Feel Good Again"

The Black Watch - I saw them play in Los Angeles with the JBC in the early 90's. My favorite CD by them is called "Flowering" on DR. Dream records. The song Jennifer is one of my favorites.

The Woodentops - Rolo McGinty's band. I only have the CD "Giant" but I must say, that their sound is very similar to early JBC stuff (Kinda). Sometimes Rolo's voice sounds like Pat, or the closest I have ever heard anyone sound like Pat.

Swamp Zombies - When I saw the JBC for the first time, their Roadie Harry Harris (I believe is his last name) {RIP} and drummer Paul Mulreany both had on Swamp Zombie tee shirts. Well I just had to hear what they sounded like with a name like that. I donít know what kind of music it is, humorous, surf, folk??? Anyways they have several really cool songs like "Oatmeal" "I Bawled" "Oddball" "Damnedest Thing" "She's So Far Out She's In"

David J - I was a Bauhaus fan first but after learning that David J played with the JBC I thought I should listen to his solo stuff and that was one of the best decisions I ever made. Now my two favorite songwriters are Pat Fish and David J. It used to be John Lennon until I heard Pat Fish and David J. To me I think David J made Bauhaus and Love and Rockets. In my opinion Peter Murphy basically tried to sound like David Bowie, Daniel Ash was too glam for my tastes, but David J is what brought that darkness and goth sound. Oh yeah his brother Kevin Haskins is an awesome drummer. When I listen to Bauhaus or Love and Rockets I usually fast forward the Daniel Ash songs, but the David J songs I am just in awe. David J wrote one of the best lyrics of all time "You cannot go against Nature, because when you do, Go against nature, Its part of nature too"
Everyone should hear is new songs like "Mess Up" "Goth Girls" "The Trees in silence sing" or the stuff he did with Max Eider like "Songs from another season" or
"Urban Urbane". One really cool song is called "Ship
of fools" which has Max, Pat and O.P. Jones on it, another is "The party's over" which has Pat singing backup.

Shakespeare & the Bible - O.P. Jones gave me a copy of his band's CD "If you want to get to heaven...You donít want to start from here. It has some really cool songs. My favorite is their version of "Mind like a playgroup" but Fritziís Bar is awesome too.

some other cool bands/musicians I heard of through or because of the JBC, Downly Mildew, M walking on the water, Spacemen3, Blue Aeroplanes

I know there are more but I cant think of any right now and I know I took enough of everyones time.


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