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Re: JBC influences on me

From: Bill Maciejewski <>
Date: Tue 11 Nov 2003 - 16:18:38 PST

At 11:55 PM +0000 11/11/03, Michael wrote:
>Departure Lounge. Many thanks to Mr J Butcher for mentioning them,many
>emails ago.

Yeah! Me too! Dep.L. is excellent. Also Friends of Dean Martinez, which was really the sound guy at Iota Cafe in Virginia USA playing it between sets... but it was at the JBC show. When Pat cam on he said some words about FoDM... cool.

At 6:48 PM -0800 11/11/03, Kris wrote:
>Is the Doctor Anthrax/Hobbu/Hey Now Baby/Don't Let Me Keep You CD
>available somehow ?

As far as I know it was available at the shows only. Maybe "ebay." Although I don't remember seeing any.

>Will there ever be another Sumosonic album ?

Jeez, I hope so. "This is Sumo" is on my top 5 albums ever.

>How the heck do I get my hands on "This Is Sumo" and the single
>"Come, Friendly Spacemen"

I bought them online, imported from the UK. Try searching on . That's where I found mine, I think. Actually, according to GEMM, Lakeshore records in Rochester has a copy of TIS. Call them & see if you can buy it! It's local!

>When will Wilson be releasing a CD ?

That would be lovely.

>Kris in Buffalo

-bill, from Buffalo

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