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Date: Thu, 20 Feb 92 10:46:08 CST
From: BEAULIEU-JOE <beaulieu[at]>
Subject: No Subject Given

>>arik says:

> i'm so far really impressed by it, maybe as good as fishcotheque,
>if not then definitely a step in the right direction.

I don't think that I
skip over any songs on fishcotheque. I skip over about half of the songs on
this one. The songs on fishcotheque have this nice sublety about them, while
this one is about as subtle as (insert your own metaphor (or is it a simile?)
here)_____________. I think that is what hurts it the most.

When I spoke with Pat a few weeks ago, he said that this record was recorded
for only one person (his ex?) and if anyone else wanted to listen in, that was
fine, but it wasn't recorded as a spectator sport. And if you are trying to
I get a point across to someone, sublety isn't always the best way to do it.
In that context, the lack of sublety is much more forgivable. But that still
doesn't make it a great album. I think that I am sounding over critical
again. I mean, I do still play the album once in awhile, and I don't intend
to trade it in for a Grateful Dead cd, but I refuse to abandon the expectations
I have for a jbc record. This one has some great songs, but by no stretch of
the imagination is it a great album. I am still caught up in the production
>> no cheap studio noise of Cult, either.
>>(Cult is impossible to get clean samples from :-)

Yeah, but what would you rather have, Devoid, "cheap studio noise" or
over-done background vocals. I would prefer the sounds of a rabid gorilla
killing people with a chainsaw in the room next door than the background vocals.

By the way, does anyone have the "New Invention" 12" single? I really like
the b-side song called "almost brooklyn", and I was wondering what everyone
else thought about it.

> _our friends the filth_ seems to me to be a (finally) tolerable rendition
> of a type of song that is on every album... the annoying parody/exercise in
> repetition and sampling... not bad, this time.

"Every album"? What is the comparable song on Basement?
As Devoid points out "bubonic plague" is the one on BigScarey. But the
chicken rap from fishcotheque doesn't fit into the same category. And
that one has become an excellent live staple.

>>for fish-sampling-gone-overboard-into-brilliance,
>>the Black Eg album is a must.

As Ed McMahon would say..."That is correct, sir!"


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