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Date: Fri, 8 May 92 18:56:50 EDT
From: Nancy Everson <everson[at]-remove-BBN.COM>
Subject: with labelmates like this...

I saw this in someone's .sig on the 4AD list:

from jeff wright's .sig:
> "We kept getting pushed further back in the file cabinet, towards
> the Jazz Butcher and the Jasmine Minks. When we got to the
> Revolving Paint Dream, we figured it was time to leave."
> -- Moonshake on leaving Creation

Anyway, the two shows I went to were really great, with Cambridge being
better than Hoboken. The band was tighter, more energetic, and seemed
to be having more fun. I like "Condition Blue" a lot better now, after
hearing the songs live, though I'm not sure why really.

The highlight, for me anyway, was "Betty Page" during the first encore
in Cambridge. It was just Pat and Pete, and Pete did a great job with
the "max-eiderisms", though he did seem a bit nervous about playing it.

(abrupt change of the subject to a thread going on in a completely
different mailing list)
woj, I have to disagree with you about Bloom. I thought they would
have been ok if their singer wasn't such a posuer. I mean, he didn't
really have to wrap himself around the mike stand, or make grotesque
movements a la Peter Murphy. (One man's emotionalism and sensitivity
is another man's silliness?) And I didn't like his voice either.
So were you the guy leaning up against the stage-left wall while Bloom

(back to the Butcher)
The Cambridge show was disappointing in that there were so few people
there. I'm not good at estimating crowd size, but I'd say it was between
100 and 150. (Hey Mitch, do you have a better estimate?)

The band just keeps getting better. Go to the shows in your area, and
bring all your friends! Show Pat that we love him, and care about his
music a great deal! And don't request "Who Loves You Now?".

If you get a chance to talk to Pat, be sure to mention you're part of
David's network. I think he's amused by our very existence.


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