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Date: Wed, 3 Jun 92 13:22:49 -0700
From: frendli[at]-remove-cats.UCSC.EDU
Subject: saw the show in SF

and here's what i thought:
first, there were a bunch of really annoying guys in front of us who had
apparently made friends with the tour manager and talking about "this is the
best connection we've ever had!" and I couldn't help but chuckle. I'm glad
they were too into themselves to pay attention to me. Anyway, later in the show
, when they were drunk, they kind of floated around near the front of the crowd,
where I was,
and they would kind of fall on you and lean in your face and when nudged out of
the way would take great offense. Anyway, the t-shirts are cool... i don't know
how well i like having that big "puss-filled heart" in the middle. But heck, i
bought two of 'em. I also picked up the cd of spooky; they were peddlin' a few
wares along with the shirts.

now, the important stuff.
I thought the set was really good, nice an mellow as promised. I was very
when they played Girlfriend and FAlling In Love, and of course, Angels. I was
disappointed with the club, Slim's, because i would have rather been able to sit
back and relax and enjoy the show than have to fight fucked up people with too
much energy for how mellow the show was just to be able to see.
Butch was in fine form though. eg:
"Who's mooing at me? Raise your hand if you're mooing at me. (As he tunes his
Tele) I've got a good idea. Why don't you fuck off?" and similarly:
(I didn't catch what the person said, but he replied) "Does that mean fuck off
and go home? Because you can, you know, it's a free country."
Pete was sweet on partytime. I was sorta lookin' forward to some more of his
own solo's... but i never mind hearing max's. The banter was really good with
the audience, I guess that's what i'm trying to say.

The set was excellent. A good mix of older and new songs, and interesting e...
encore covers: Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Take the skinheads bowling.
not to mention the treat: "Thing" per request of one of those people in the
front. "You want me to play Thing in front of people," Pat asked in disbelief.
But then he did.
I was really hoping to hear Betty Paige. Maybe I'll make it to the Los Osos
show tonight.

set list, in no particular order, to follow. Cover your eyes now if you want
be surprised at the show, if you haven't seen it yet.

Partytime/Southern Mark Smith ("Light and Space" version)/Girlfriend/Thing/
Falling in Love/Angels/Susie/She's On Drugs/Pineapple Tuesday/Mr. Odd/Girl Go/
Sister Death/girls say yes/she's a yo-yo/honey/shirley maclaine/racheland/
and the aforementioned covers. Angels opened with the traditional
"candy-colored clown" bit... and during the break i caught "In heaven,
everything is fine"
I wish they'd come through again. A show in Santa Cruz would be especially
appreciated. maybe never. But hell, they're playing Los Osos for chrissake.

anyway. CATCH THE SHOW! it's worth every $. ( I think I spent $80 some after
all the T-shirts, cd, and tix for two friends)

take care.

"If you want to see a comedy show, go see Nirvana."
-butch 6/1/92


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