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Date: Thu, 11 Jun 92 13:21:59 CST
From: <smtplink%Beaulieu-Joe_at_CHAPIN[at]>
Subject: JBC News


An abbreviated form of the JBC is supposed to be opening
for Downy Midlew on the west coast later in July. It would just be
Pat and Pete doing the record store thing, I guess. But Pat has been
talking about recording the new album in LA and Chicago, with Martin
doing half and Ian doing the other half. They may end up spending
some time in Chicago between Athens and going back to LA.

But it would be really nice to have Pat and Pete recording in Chicago.

So what are the New Orleans through Athens dates? I may just be able
to catch one more date on this tour if things work out the way I hope.

If Pat and Pete are coming back to Chicago, you may want to give one
of them a ride back to the midwest if they need a ride. I have no
idea what happens at the end of a tour, like if they have to hang out
in Atlanta for awhile or whatever.


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