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Date: Thu, 16 Jul 92 09:05:07 PDT
From: Greg.Dykema[at]-remove-Eng.Sun.COM (Greg Dykema)
Subject: The Butcher Meets the Prince of Darkness

(I'm not sure I have the time frame right, but this is the gist of it)

It seems one Andrew Eldritch had been spotted in Hamburg (where he lives)
going to local record stores and buying Jazz Butcher records with his own
money. Pat was rather surprised and amused to hear this, having no idea
the Prince of Darkness followed his own work.

Sometime later, the JBC set out on a European tour. Pat noticed that the
Sisters were also on tour and were playing many of the same venues a couple
of weeks after the JBC. So Pat starting writing on dressing room walls
things like "Eldritch, the Butcher is looking for you!"

Eventually they arrived in Hamburg (perhaps to record the live album?) and
Pat gets a telephone call. The deep, dark voice on the other intones "Is this
the Jazz Butcher?" Pat allows that it is. "This <pause for theatrical effect>
is Eldritch."

They chat and it comes out that each is something of a fan of the other
and they agree to meet in a pub. Pat is quite disappointed to find that
Eldritch is really a short little guy with a fairly high, abrasive
voice. At any rate, they have a few pints and Pat just has to ask, "So
tell me, is the Sisters all just a big joke?" Eldritch just looks down
and giggles into his lager.

That night at the show they decided to do a cover of "Sympathy for the
Devil" (I think) and when they get to the part where everybody goes
"Wooo-ooo" (high voice), everyone's singing along going "Wooo-ooo"
(high voice) and then Pat over and notices this little guy in black
leather and black cowboy boots and he's going "Wooo-ooo" (high voice).
It's the Prince of Darkness at a JBC concert, not going "Wooo-ooo"
(low, menacing voice), but "wooo-ooo" (high voice) just like everyone
else. It was great.

And that's the story of the wag and Prince. All references to the "Prince
of Darkness" are Pat's, not mine, by the way.


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