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Date: Wed, 11 Nov 92 15:13:19 CST
From: smtplink%Beaulieu-Joe_at_CHAPIN[at]>
Subject: pat

I called Pat a last weekend, and he gave me a laundry list of things
that he has been working on:

Stuff with Richard
A single with Sonic
Stuff with Richard and Sonic
Stuff with Joe Foster
And some other stuff I can't remember

Oh yeah. The JBC plays every week at a local bar. While Nick is
officially still the drummer, they use a drum machine at those shows.

I may have to call him back this weekend, since I seem to have lost
Pete's address.

Oh yeah. You now have the ONLY existing copy of the second Black Eg
album. Pat said that due to some mysterious circumstances, all known
copies were erased. Imagine that. Do you think he came to his


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