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Date: Tue, 7 Jun 94 17:59:16 BST
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: Black Eg

re the black eg.

I suppose I'd better chip in with my tuppence-worth since I asked in
the first place.

I reckoned it was OK in a way:

Good bits:
* Emil in his wheelchair. (Was it Emil?)
* Say it. Emil is no pig.
* Those egg heads.
* The Czechoslovakian thumbs-up.
* The fact that the audience appeared to like it.
* " " " " " " " " " swallow it whole.
* The barman was quite amusing.

Bad bits:
* Repetitious
* Not much bass or tune to recognise except for that "Filth"
* bit (I'm told)
* The Night Bus back

Actually, the biggest disappointment was that they actually tried to
make it kinda dancy and they didn't try and repeat the Black Eg album
tracks. I would have gladly paid twice as much to see the genuine,
original Eg material rather than what turned out to be a mediocre
techno attempt by people wearing silly egg hats. Particularly in that
club, to that audience. I guess that's sort of implied by the lists

I suppose it's astonishing that it happened at all and for that we
should be grateful. Glad I went to see it... honestly.

> It was interesting to see some faces to a few of the names on this
> list.

Yeah... would have been even better if I could have heard a word
anyone said to me all evening.

> The show was recorded

so what's the betting the bottom few acts on the bill will never see
the light of day? eh?


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