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Date: Sun, 1 Jan 1995 22:02:32 GMT
From: Jim.Davies[at]
Subject: Happy New Year, Gone Fishing

Sitting here freezing in Oxford with a few moments to kill, and what
better way that with a brief report of joy. Fleur, Jacqui, Kate,
Gareth, and myself were at the Mean Fiddler for the Blue Aeroplanes
gigs, and here's what we saw. (Really belongs on an Aeroplanes list,
but here anyway).

*Friday*, though billed as bop-art tenth anniversary with Fish compere
and archival blue video, wasn't like that at all. Mulreany and Allen
provided a Rickenbacker and acoustic support, but the set failed to
gel. The Bop-Art line-up was a different affair. Initially slow, as
Steve Bush declaimed his pinkies to a cool reception (neither Fish nor
Gerard, thought the audience) but then forty minutes of spin cycle
endurance. Highlight for me the Bop Version of Bury Your Love Like
Treasure, off a later album, natch. Then the set itself. Arg! Had
to go frug to this, Wojtek demands that you move. Incredible mix of
Beatsongs and Life Model. New one Detective Snog kissable, but
where's Angelo? Is there something I don't know? Of course.

But hey, you want to hear about *Saturday* and Pat. This was probably
the best gig in the world, from where we were standing. Tim Keegan
provided a short sweet set of three numbers, and won the hearts of all
present. A keen JBC fanatic, he used to be in a band called Ringo,
who did nowt, but with his good looks and his sharp lyrics, he *will*
go far. Mulreany and Allen wheeled out the same set as last night,
and again the only good bits were Rodney's `Fun' and their Beatles
number, `Driving Me Mad'. But what do I know? It's a lot better than
I could do. By the way, the girl behind me thought Mulreany was Paul
Weller. Then oh my goodness! It's the Butcher. If only Dylan
sightings were as rare and full of excitement. Three songs, all
excellent, all well-received. The third was, I think, Cute
Submarines. Radical. Too fucking short. More more more.

Then the Blue Aeroplanes set. Even better than last night, although
someone extracted my wallet from my front jeans pocket. Yeah, I felt
it, but too late to figure out who in the crowd had taken it. If you
want to know how good the gig was, just think: this didn't spoil my
evening. Made a mental note to cancel the cards, and threw myself
back into it all. If you've never seen the Blue Aeroplanes, do so
now! Before anything happens to them. And then see them again.
Afterwards. Claim you always loved them. That much will be true.
Take it off and deny it. Daughter Movie, Yr Own World, Detective
Song, Colour Me, I'm A Smart Drug, Broken and Mended, Ghost-Nets,
Jacket Hangs, and Vade Mecum Gunslinger. The first night ended with
fifteen people on stage. Most of them with guitars. All but one
plugged in. The second night was a leetle more chaotic, with Gerard
gunning the works. This time, two guitarists ended up unplugged, but
the remainder, including Pat, of course, left us senseless. And in my
case, broke. But it was worth it. Well worth it. Worth anything.

Gig of the year, mate.

P.S. if anyone wants a bop-art cd (I got five, sadly having missed the
message from one correspondent, sorry again) then here's the fan club

The Blue Aeroplanes Information Service
PO Box 747
64-65 North Road

The flyer also states that you can join the club for five quid, cheque
payable to Blue Aeroplanes, and a passport-sized photograph (?).

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    gabi[at] - Gabi, Australia
    7Mar2006 2:23 AM (17 years 207 days ago)
    I have a one of a kind tape given to me by Max (Blue Aeroplanes)in 1995 (used to date the bugger)with songs (instrumental only) have only been recorded on this one tape. He gave it to me as a present with the words along the lines of "sell it for a fortune when I'm famous". Now I live in Australia and still not sure if I'm ready to share these songs with the world. Anyone got any thoughts on this?
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    23Oct2002 4:45 AM (20 years 343 days ago)
    hi, my name is TURGUT from Turkey. I m fan of Blue Aeroplanes but i dont have this cd. Anyone help me to have this cd?