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Date: Mon, 2 Jan 1995 22:46:24 +0000
From: cockeril[at] (Matt Cockerill)
Subject: Pat Fish and David J at Slurps (21st December 1994)

A little delayed, this, what with the festive season and all, but maybe you
want to hear anyway.

Feeling close to ecstatic at the thought of being back in the town of
parking tickets and wingless pigeons, I headed along to Slurp's wino bar, a
small island of bohemianness and Jaegermeister in the morass of XR3is and
shell-suits that is Northampton. Company was provided by my brother who is
(un)fortunate enough to actually live there.

Heart-warmingly, the moment we walked in through the door at 8.30pm, we got
a cheery wave from Pat. Surely soon comes the day when Pat is pesonally
acquainted with every single purchaser of his latest album...

Anyway, it was good to see the man again, and I can break the news (which
Jim Murray for some reason found unworthy of mention) that Pat is now the
proud owner of a rather fetching goatee.

The music? Well,we missed the openers by Curtis, cos we were in the bar
asking Pat about the new album (has a good song about dolphins,
'pparently). Then the oddly familiar sound of David J's voice (to someone
who has never listened to his solo stuff) summoned us into the music tent.
(Slurps had extended its lebensraum into the frosty December night with a
large semi-permanent marqueee, heated by what appeared to be a
decommissioned military jet engine.)

Anyway, David J's minimalist 2 guitars plus vocals set was short and sweet,
finishing with a stomping version of "Run, run Rudolph!" (by Chuck Berry,
of course).

Then came the headliners, Dooj, Pat, Gabriel, and the two guys who I don't
know their names. Somehow, whenever I see Dooj now, I'm put in mind of The
Grim Reaper (see the report on the last Northampton gig), but anyway,
reports that he had excelled himself on the new album were amply confirmed.
Pat claimed defensively that the 3 or 4 songs they played from the new
album, they had played together for the first time only the day before, but
everything came together regardless. A particular stunner was a kindof
inverted version of "Excellent", called something like "I hate!", which
involves Dooj shouting an awful lot.

Plenty of other great songs, oldies too, including Caroline Wheeler and
Take the Skinhead's Bowling.

But the most amazing thing about this gig, as opposed to all others? They
didn't play Mr Odd (nor Sister Death, for that matter). Looks like the band
is finally ready to move off in a whole new direction.

A fine evening. Look out for the combined Lovebus/New Album North American
tour coming your way soon.


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  • Birthday Party
    rwprivate[at] - Richard, Edinburgh
    6Nov2021 8:56 AM (1 year 324 days ago)
    Yes - this was a great performance and a wonderful memory of that era. I was a student in Edinburgh and saw on this message board he would be having a birthday party at Slurp's in Northampton, and I drove down in my old Volvo 244. When I arrived he was at the bar drinking steadily, and we spoke a few times, As in the other post, we went through to a small white tent, and the sound was actually pretty good. I remember them playing the VU's We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together, and it sounded just great. Afterwards, Pat found out we had no where to stay, so offered us his floor, but we ended up driving back to Edinburgh all night through the snow anyway. RIP, Pat, thanks for all the fish. :>(