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Re: Sumosonic

From: Chris Camfield <>
Date: Tue 14 May 1996 - 14:37:51 PDT

E.B. wrote:

> Regarding Sumosonic: This name is AWFUL. Not only it is too similar to past
> names like Semisonic, Stetasonic, Technotronic, Sonic Youth, etc., it
> doesn't reflect the content of Pat's music at ALL. I hear "Sumosonic," and
> I think of some Japanese techno band. So will everyone else. This name is
> terrible!

I was under the impression that part of what Pat was trying to do was make a break with his musical style of the past (?) and try something new. (I know I've read something about him being frustrated with the listening patterns of his fans, or somesuch.) How do we know it ISN'T techno? :)


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