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Not about Names

From: Clark <>
Date: Tue 14 May 1996 - 14:20:02 PDT

OK I lied. At least partially on the subject of names.

Pale and Juan is downright clever and at least possibly appropriate. But you can always count on a Nabokov reader for a fancy name style. (Anybody catch that? I know its vain to point out your own allusions but I never claimed any lack of egocentricity)

Lack of Egocentricity--hmm maybe another name that, ironic for a musician.

Hmmmmm some more he said.

But at this point I want to quote Thomas Frazier who said "Egad" or something similar. Haven't heard that in a while.

With reference to the request for lyrics to "When Eno Sings". All my well documented Eno Worship and love for JBC aside, he kinda lost me @ Condition Blue. So I can't be of much help; but I'm sure some kind soul will capitulate here.

Sorry if I ramble, must be the vodka and gatorade. Gotta go, two teenage girls knocking on my door.......

Tintern Received on Wed May 15 03:23:21 1996

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