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Re: names

From: Grade D but Edible <>
Date: Wed 15 May 1996 - 07:06:17 PDT

Can't be fucked to worry about the names, really. Like anything Pat hears here is gonna make a diff.

Besides, most of the names suggested here have that smarmy stupid punny quality that's a sure turnoff for anyone but those whose fave tunes are the jokey ones. "Drink" was a very, very long time ago, folks.

> Have any of you heard Westley Willis? Egad, he's horrid but I can't help
> laughing when I hear him.

Wesley Willis, of Fiasco fame -- Chicago street lunatic, pen-and-ink artists, with the most visible buttcrack in Bucker Park. "Hey buddy Rick, like same name as Rick Sims of the Didjits, who I like, who I wrote a song about -- say ROCK!"

He head-butts people at the Empty Bottle. He wanders into parties to which he wan't invited and browbeats yuppies and frat boys into buying copies of his CDs.

He is now signed to Rick Rubin's American label. he is clinically mentally ill. His band is a bunch of junkies.


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