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Contest Invocation
Sitting around the house with Curtis and Terry Walpole a week or so ago - we came up with a plot.

It occurred to us that we could liven up the site and have ourselves a deep larrrf if we were to entice those who use the site to join in a little competition entitled


Folks send in photos of themselves, their loved ones, their family pets, whatever...being MAD in jbc leisurewear. The maddest ones win prizes, which we have prepared over here (home-made CDs of Jazz Butcher-type slush produced in the living room on a commission basis, basically).

It may be, of course, that Mad Brody Culpepper and Mad Terence Walpole have already got this thing sown up.

Love, Pat, 1998-11-20 15:58:55 (Friday, 20th of November 1998 - 24 years 320 days ago)

The deranged
Mad Brody Culpepper
Mad Brody Culpepper
Most probably taken in the Neveda desert during the burningman festival.

Mad Terence Walpole
Mad Terence Walpole
Discoverer of "Moscow Drug Club" and Black Eg recording artist.

Steven J Hall
Steven J Hall
Unfortunately, I don't have any JBCwear (but I want some - give me a source!), but here I am playing the kazoo to the D.R.I.N.K. trombone solo, while driving from New Orleans to Atlanta for the 5/1/98 Pat&Max show. I was annoying the hell out of the passenger/photographer.

Dr Edward Carter
Dr Edward Carter
enclosed, one scan of me wearing a jazz-butcher (actually chris' jbc-list) t-shirt on "Fifteen to One", a nationally-broadcast daytime quiz show. This is the "souvenir" print they kindly send after your humiliation. Even if this borders on the tragic rather than the mad, I would like to point out that I qualify by virtue of being surrounded by the insane, the old and the unemployable (who, together, constitute the entire audience and competitor pool).

Lito Vales
Lito Vales
Here's a pic i found of me sporting the good ol' "condition blue" t-shirt in my old painting studio.

Roger Pace
Roger Pace
Still doesn't understand why British cats don't like good 'ol american catnip, but believes if more muscicians were named fish the world would be a better place for cats.

Fern Frangooles
Fern Frangooles
A young puppy still finding her music, and due to indoctrination attempts by her people is considering the merits of JBC records as chew toys.

Ken Miller
Ken Miller
After being off from work for 9 days straight and not shaving, generally being nutty with a cardboard box. There are some other ones involving a goat grazing on some trash, but you can't really see the JB shirt in those, so I didn't send them.

Robert Ferin
Robert Ferin
This picture depicts the very start of my maddening as I attempt to play my JBC vinyl in my CD player in my home-made JBC shirt. You don't want to know what happened next, it is much too disturbing. Please make a special note of my madness in that I am wearing vintage 1970 "high fidelity" headphones. I want my JBC!

David Estes
David Estes
My JBC leisure-wear once included a Condition Blue and a Big Planet Scary Planet shirt but my equally mad wife had a bad habit of maintaining her "natural" red hair while wearing the above mentioned shirts. This led to some anger on my part and the demise of the leisure wear. The photo attached was in the press recently. If they only knew who the driver was the article would have said: "DO NOT ride this train, DRIVER IS MAD!"

Joseph Tampieri
Joseph Tampieri
This is a picture of my son Joseph, he is 11 months old and a great Jazz Butcher Fan. As you can see he is not wearing a JBC shirt because they don't make them in his size, but we can honestly say we are enticing him out of his favourite hiding place (the laundry basket) with a copy of our "Waiting for the love bus" CD in one hand and the cry of "Pat Fish is coming to get you!" It always works.

Contest Results
Here, as promised, are the results of the Icelandic Jury.

Winners: Mad Brody Culpepper (it wuz always gonna happen...)
Mad Doctor Ed (I often watch that show myself, Ed...)
Mad Roger "The Cat" Pace (even if he cheated, any cat that work Adobe Photoshop all by himself deserves a prize!)

Each of the above should send in a mailing address. They will then receive a CD of soppy shite from the archives of NN1.

Honorable mentions to : Nearly-Mad Ken Miller (we love the old carboard-box-on-the-head routine round these parts) and Dave Estes, mad enough to travel from Olympia to Hamburg to see a bunch of old boys getting drunk and giggling. These gentlemen receive nothing until we get into the same room as them. We shall then buy them a beer and mock them ruthlessly (for that is the kind of guys we are). Thanks to one and all who entered the competition and livened up our long winter evenings through the Magic Of The Internet.

Later. Love, Pat xxx
1999-03-03 19:16:16 (Wednesday, 3rd of March 1999 - 24 years 217 days ago)

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  • it's pineapple tuesday
    suzplus3[at] - suz evanston,IL, USA
    23Feb2016 8:09 AM (7 years 222 days ago)
    1989 soundtrack is playing through my life. thanks for the memories, letting me tag along a bit on the Condition Blue tour, and for making me sway when I needed to sway. chin the fuck chin you sloppy bastards. shout out to Iain with two I's where ever the fuck he landed these days.
  • still love you!
    steve[at] - steve cranwell, toronto
    14Apr2011 12:20 PM (12 years 173 days ago)
    need to get your approval for putting Angels on my new compilation " music for Adult Vampires, Volume 3. Will send you tracklisting and music once I have heard back from you.
    Love always,
  • You are a loser
    wlancereynolds[at] - lance london
    13Mar2007 2:16 PM (16 years 206 days ago)
    Dude read your website
    everyone is at fault
    everyone screwed you
    everyone- everyones fault but yours
    wake up and smell the chemicals
  • Drunk still?
    squonk_uk[at] - Snapper Disgusto
    6Jul2006 4:16 AM (17 years 91 days ago)
    There was me looking for Mitch's site and look who I found! How are you doing, you mad bastard?
  • Terence Walpole
    formbysound[at] - Leeds UK
    28Oct2004 4:06 PM (18 years 341 days ago)
    Ah Terence Terence Terence. Four and a half hours from Oxford
    to Northampton in a cape and knee length white boots.
    DOWNTHEDRAIN[at]-remove-YAHOO.COM - the original DOWN THE DRAIN
    28Jan2004 6:07 AM (19 years 251 days ago)