Celebrating 30 goddamned WWW years: 1994-02-17
One of the 1st 1,000 websites IN THE WORLD.

Checking in once again, to say hello and keep your crew of computer-abusers up to date with our latest peregrinations across the nations. This is tax hell week, so any other activity is welcome to keep my mind off impending knock-on-the-door in-the-night scenarios.

I've been checking out a man called Dave Henderson , who appears likely to take a guitarist's role in the JBC quite soon. He lives here, and has played in a lot of dodgy middle-aged hipster revisionist bands before. Now he is bored, and coming round my house to learn some new tunes. He's very good, in an Eider-esque way. He's got the soul thing and the country thing - the noise thing won't take long to sort out, I feel. More news as it comes up. This, as you will understand, in no way compromises the position of Uncle Richard;just keeping the gene pool up to scratch...

Not much happening at the moment. Spittle Rattle have done a couple of nice gigs, starting to get their faces around a little bit. Primal Scream played here last week. The venue was HEAVING, and very good they were too. They haven't thrown out the Screamadelica baby with the Black Crowes bathwater, you'll be pleased to hear, and the guitarists are playing better than ever. A good show. Saw Pulp recently, too.

Plans for the next few weeks involve trying to get this US trip moving, paying some attention to the long-neglected[signature]Pat n Richard album, doing a couple of gigs in London and Belgium (the country, not the club!), and assembling demo tapes for the next LP. Also, both my guitarists need medical attention. Can't imaging why... Spoke to the Rev. Botus, who indicated a desire to do some JBC touring action.