The Jazz Butcher

> Thu, 2 Sep 93
> 6500nag[at] (Naggi Asmar)
> Truly aweful, and racist as well. This is where it starts to
> fall apart for me.

Naggi, Naggi, Naggi. I'm sorry it's got to you this way...but... President Chang ? Racist? I've spent most of this afternoon wondering what you were thinking of. Is it the name Chang? I hope so, coz at least that way I can offer a defence. You see, "Chang" or "Changa" is currently a London street term for my very least favourite pharmaceutical, cocaine. Figure that the President Chang character in the tune is, like, King Coke or something, and it will probably all start to make a lot more sense.

The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy do not tolerate racism, or those who practice it. We are, however, almost as intolerant of Political Correctness.

Just be glad that we didn't start putting in the football results, like "Chelsea thrashed by Reds"... Sorry to have offended, Naggi. It's not you that we seek to offend. I hope it's a misunderstanding. If not, be specific and we'll have a look at ourselves.

As for the music... NO APOLOGIES. We jammed this fucker live in the studio, and we're all stupidly proud of it. I think Richard Formby 's rhythm guitar is fucking wonderful. Hey - I like a lot of different music, you know? Sorry we missed you in Los Osos. It was an incredible night, one of my favourite nights out that year. There was a bush outside the venue with new-born kittens in it, a large fridge and lots of JAEGERMEISTER.

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