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I have recorded two tracks with Alan Moore, the comics writer. One is called Trampling Tokyo with music by Richard Formby and words by Alan. It is a pacific little number about how Godzilla is sick of his job and would like to retire to Monster Island. The other is called London. It has music by me and lyrics by Alan and is DEEPLY GRIM but ROCKING. I'm mixing them on saturday. I don't know what will happen to them. Alan is also planning sessions with David J. and others.

I have a solo gig on 28th October at The Forum (formerly the Town & Country Club) in London. I'm opening for John Cale. I'm on at eight o'clock. I'm very afraid. Please come and help me out. Help!

STOP PRESS - Alex Green secured for sax and moral support!

The JBC (currently standing at Fish, Dooj Wilkinson , Paul Mulreany and Richard Formby as Alex Lee has returned to his Real Group, Strangelove) have two gigs in October. We will be at The Racehorse in Northampton on Friday 22nd October. Support act is Spittle Rattle, and extraordinary folk-goth-blues outfit. Then we will be playing at the festival in St. Quentin in Northen France on Saturday 30th October. In November we will be playing dates in Paris, Colmar and elsewhere in France.

Touring in central Europe has been put back to January/February. The Germans have, however, now issued Sweetwater as a single, and we await radio reports.

I have no money, so if anyone has just won a million dollars or anything, please send large sums of cash for immediate bootleg cassette deluge.

Somebody said something about a second Black Eg album. If you send enough money NOW I may still be in a position to do something about preventing this AWFUL THING from happening.

Survive and thrive, take no truck from the passengers,


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