Bath Of Bacon! A Scandal In Bohemia! Sex And Travel! Distressed Gentlefolk!

We are continuing our negotiations over the re-releases of these fairly amusing recordings. Fire Records have accepted our version of the contract, and we have given a permissable amount of space to them.

There remains one enormous sticking point (a legal nicety which would bore you all to tears, but which means Real Money to Fire and to us), so nobody hold their breath yet, okay. Nonetheless, progress is being made.

I don't suppose the "product" will appear in very altered form. After all, they were "good enough" to go out that way at the time. It seems like cheating to "soup up" and LP for re-release. That said, Sex And Travel will probably be slightly extended. All in the best possible taste, of course...

> Date: Sat, 18 Jun 1994 16:11:00 BST
> From: Cliff Lovelock
> Subject: So what were the elephants doing there, apart from sinking?
> Ed seems to think that this re-release (of the Glass material) will
> be selective, i.e. only "good" albums will be chosen (Good job
> "Condition Snooze" wasn't released on Glass or we'd never hear of it
> again - which might not be such a bad thing).
> Cheers, Cliff.
Cliff - "Condition Snooze" is rude.
Might I ask you to listen again - with a bucket of crystal meth if necessary?

> Date: Tue, 21 Jun 94 16:45:07 EDT
> From: Mojo90210[at]
> Subject: Condition Blue = Masterwork
> Gang, no two ways, Condition Blue is the best LP Pat's done and may
> ever do (if Love Bus is any indication). So much stuff on other discs
> is borderline "novelty" music, Condition Blue stands tall from start
> to finish. I really value the other stuff, but Condition Blue demands
> to be taken seriously. (I'm only sorry that Pat had to go through hell
> to inspire it.)
> Vaya Con Dios,
> Mojo
Oh, and THANKS, Mojo! Vaya con Dios yourself, hombre.

See Cliff? SOMEONE was nice about the fucker.

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