Hello, Boss.

Thanks for writing and keeping me up to date with Internet developments here in the Physical World. All us bog people sure does appreciate it, sir...

Actually, I wish I knew a way of getting onto a computer so that I could see some of this stuff. I may even be able to access it via a pal at the local college. We'll see, I guess. Will anyone recognise me? Well, that's for the future.

Here, as normal, is a bunch of stuff in response to what's been on lately, plus various updates. Life here in Northampton has been hectic and enjoyable since the Fridge Two series of gigs; the party vibe just didn't dissipate somehow. This has been expensive, exhausting, not particularly productive and lots o fun.

I've seen Strangelove a couple of times (my opinion: Grand/Mulreany's opinion: Bauhaus), played a little bit with my band (see the accompanying), formed a formidable desire for Feta cheese At All Times Of Day And Night, and some other things that I've forgotten. Little Jake is fine. Kathie remains a tower of strength, organisation and Reasonableness. (Also foxy).

Shrike have split up - it all just got too much. Alan is performing and demoing "solo", with a spot of vocal help from Sophie the 'cello. He calls his act Best Ever Redemption, which may be overdoing it, but it's a fair title all the same. Julie Starchild has also been making tapes by herself. I haven't heard these, but I hear they're smart, so maybe I shall. Paul and Musical Dave and Sophie are headlong into the Ubu Swirl (Hobo Swill) thing. They've made a demo and seem quite positive.

(Jake has just caught the Biggest Dragonfly in Europe.)

(And eaten it.)

Kathie sez "Hi", so do I. Hope all is rockin'

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