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> Date: Sat, 30 Jul 94 15:17:26 EST
> From: George Heard
> Subject: Look out - Western Family again
> The version of "Angels" off this CD has a reference I haven't picked
> up on before until just now. In the middle of the song, Pat sings
> "In heaven, everything is fine
> In heaven, everything is fine..."
> EXACTLY the same as in "Eraserhead".
> Yay! Now I have a link between the JBC and David Lynch as well as a
> link between the JBC and Laurie Anderson
> George (now seeking a link between Laurie Anderson and David Lynch)

Well, hello Tasmania! I am, let me say, ASTONISHED that people (well, a person) are buying our stuff so far from home! Hope you like it there.

The "Heaven" bit on Angels is, of course, a total steal from Eraserhead. It was Dooj Wilkinson 's idea, and it fitted perfectly with the mood of the time. There it is.

See also the Twin Peaks reference in Honey on Condition Mogadon. By the way, George, David Lynch and Laurie Anderson use the same pet-psychologist. Dogs on Prozac - it's already happening!

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